2024 Agent Awards

In the spirit of celebrating the remarkable talents within our community, we’re thrilled to share the highlights of our recent awards, shining a spotlight on those who have truly gone above and beyond in their dedication and performance.

Agent of the Year: LiteSource
We’re thrilled to celebrate LiteSource for their extraordinary dedication and hard work, which has earned them the Agent of the Year Award. Their commitment and the meaningful connections we’ve fostered have not only impressed us but inspired us all. LiteSource embodies the passion and excellence we cherish, marking a relationship filled with appreciation and collaboration.  

Agent of the Year Northeast: Synergy Electrical Sales
A round of applause for Synergy Electrical Sales, the recipient of the Agent of the Year Award for the Northeast region. Their unwavering commitment and stellar performance have set a high standard, embodying the spirit of excellence we hold dear. Synergy’s efforts have strengthened partnerships and elevated experiences for everyone involved, marking them as a pivotal part of our journey towards success.

Best Year over Year Sales Growth National Accounts: Facility Solutions Group
Celebrating exceptional growth, we’re proud to spotlight Facility Solutions Group with the award for Best Year over Year Sales Growth National Accounts. FSG’s innovative strategies and dedication to excellence have led to remarkable sales growth, setting them apart as an inspirational force. This award is a testament to their hard work, resilience, and the impactful results they’ve achieved.

Distributor of the Year National Accounts: Villa Lighting Supply, Inc.
Villa Lighting Supply, Inc. has been recognized as Distributor of the Year for National Accounts, consistently exceeding expectations and demonstrating a level of excellence that distinguishes them from the rest. Their hard work, dedication, and success in achieving remarkable results have not gone unnoticed. We’re thankful for the strong partnership we’ve developed and the positive impact they’ve made.

Agent of the Year Central Region: Lighting Associates, LLC

We are proud to recognize Lighting Associates, LLC as the Agent of the Year for the Central Region. Their dedication, strategic approach, and remarkable achievements have served as an inspiration to us all. This award celebrates their hard work, resilience, and the significant impact they’ve made, highlighting the strong relationships we’ve built and their vital role in our community’s success.

Through these awards, we celebrate the dedication, hard work, and achievements of our partners, looking forward to more moments of appreciation and collaboration. Here’s to the continued success and growth of our remarkable community.