3 Features to Know About LED Tape

LED Tape Light has become increasingly popular in modern lighting, now being used across a wide range of commercial and residential applications to achieve creative accent lighting, display captivating colors, and filling places with light previously difficult to light. LED tape may seem the same at first glance; however, there are three important features not to overlook when considering an LED tape provider.

1. How is the connection made – clips or solder?

Soldering along with specialized heat shrink during manufacturing provides added toughness and a waterproof connection to protect lights and ensure reliability. Commonly offered by many suppliers DIY Clips are far less reliable and the lesser of the two options. Nova Flex cuts and solders all it’s tape prior to delivery to provide you with long-lasting performance designed to meet your exact needs.

2. How durable is the tape?

IP rating and material selection gives you a quick way to determine durability. Most manufacturers sell IP20, which means the diodes are unprotected. Picture this, tape under a bar and the condition it would be in after coming into contact with chewing gum, spilled drinks, or a buildup of dust. With IP65, diodes are protected with a polyurethane coating, which prevents damage to the diodes during installation and during the life of product. IP68 is similar to IP65, except it is even more durable with fully waterproof LEDs, which are able to be entirely submerged in locations such as fountains. Its silicone coating also makes it ideal for use in harsh environments such as by the ocean, or in areas with chlorine and chemicals.

3. How accurate is the color?

Diodes can vary significantly in color between manufacturers and also on the same length of tape, depending on the production process. “Binning” is the process of grouping similar LEDs into bins, which guarantees lumens, color, voltage, and overall performance are within a specified range. This ensures consistency between lights. Nova Flex never changes bins, ensuring accurate color matching today and 20+ years from now.

Make lighting easy with Nova Flex

For the last decade, Nova Flex has been making linear LED lighting easy working with manufacturers’ representatives and electrical distributors nationwide. Our products effectively serve any project with lit curves, corners, and or coves to make lighting easy and achieve a long-lasting, captivating display.

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