Elevate Your Project with Unique LED Channel/Track Installations

What is more ideal than pairing LED tape light and channel/track together? The possibilities are endless and can only be limited by your imagination. Yes, tape light could be used on its own but when you pair ribbon and channel together; you may never turn back. Nova Flex LED offers many types of channel from Surface to Recessed, Magnetic to Suspended and even Mud-In. As we go through each of these channel types, I encourage you to think about how you could use them in your upcoming projects.

  • Surface Channel is typically installed as it sounds, directly to the surface. You can also cut a groove out and insert surface into a recessed application, like the Metropolitan Square If you mount it directly to the surface, consider mounting it under a cabinet or use it to create a sleek border in a lobby. From commercial to high end residential, it can be used nearly anywhere.
  • Recessed Channel can bring a modern illuminated design to any wall or surface. Being it is recessed; it looks seamless like it was meant for the space. For more unique applications, try installing recessed channel under a handrail, benches or even tables.
  • Magnetic Channel is perfect for t-grid ceiling lighting. Visualize an office space. Would you prefer a troffer fixture or a sleek magnetic mounted channel for a clean finished look?
  • Suspended Channel fixtures do not have to cost a lot. You can create a beautiful fixture when you pair our suspended channel with LED tape light. For example, take our bendable channel to make a unique and one-of-kind fixture or use one of our suspended channels above a task area.
  • Mud-In Channel is ideal for a seamless installation in your drywall. Create unique accent lighting throughout many common areas such has hallways, lobby’s, and much more.

Most of our channel comes paired with your choice of a Clear, Soft or Solid lens to help achieve the perfect light dispersion. We also offer an adjustable clip that can be used with nearly all our channels to change the direction of light. View all our channel offerings here.

To get a quote for your next project, contact your local Nova Flex representative. To find your rep, click here.