Introducing In-House Injection Molding for Neon Lighting

Nova Flex is thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our neon lighting line – in-house custom injection molding (IM). This strategic move reinforces our commitment to precision, efficiency, and elevating the overall neon lighting experience.

Shaping the Future: Goodbye Clips, Hello Injection Molding

Say farewell to the traditional neon assembly with clips and welcome the era of silicone injection molding. This shift allows us to devote more attention to crafting the outer casing of neon lights, resulting in a polished appearance, increased durability, and resistance to environmental elements. While clips served their purpose in simplicity and flexibility during installation, the transition to silicone injection molding brings a sleeker and more robust finish.

According to Nevi Ozturk, Nova Flex’s Director of Application Engineering, “Neon with injection molding has a much sleeker appearance, making direct-view applications cleaner and more streamlined.”

Streamlined Efficiency, Prompt Results

Our neon lights now boast exceptional finishing in a remarkably short lead time of 5-10 days. This achievement underscores Nova Flex’s commitment to efficiency and meeting our customers’ needs promptly.

John Hessburg, Nova Flex’s Director of Products, emphasized, “The implementation of in-house custom injection molding is a significant step forward in our efforts to optimize the market positioning of Nova Flex Neon and to elevate the Nova Flex brand.”

Elevating Four Neon Products

Nova Flex’s in-house injection molding process isn’t just a game-changer; it’s setting new benchmarks for neon lighting excellence across four neon products: Micro Neon, Mini Neon 2.0, Dim to Warn Neon, and Round Neon. The streamlined efficiency enables us to achieve unparalleled results with shorter production cycles, ensuring a swift and agile response to dynamic demands.

The significance of our new in-house injection molding lies in the seamless combination of swift lead times and meticulous craftsmanship. Achieving excellence in a timely manner is not just a commitment; it’s a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional neon lighting solutions at the highest standards.