Introducing Signature Series

Nova Flex Introduces the New Signature Series: Elevating Linear Lighting Innovation

Nova Flex proudly introduces its latest linear lighting product line, the Signature Series. Engineered to excel in thermal management, mechanical bonding, and color rendering, the Signature Series sets new industry standards, promising a revolutionary lighting experience.

Key Features of the Signature Series:

  • Cool Copper: The Signature Series products have 4 ounces of copper incorporated to ensure exceptional thermal management. This feature guarantees optimal performance over time and addresses overheating challenges common with conventional tape lights. 
  • Improved Bond: The unique wire-to-pad and pad-to-pad design creates a robust mechanical bond for solder points, significantly reducing instances of broken resistors and enhancing overall durability. 
  • Pitching to Win: The tight pitch design eliminates pixelation, providing a smooth and high-quality illumination experience, ideal for various engineering and construction applications. 
  • True Colors: The Signature Series brings true colors to life with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+, ensuring a superior visual experience without compromising efficiency. 
  • Tight Binning: Boasting a single bin, 2-step MacAdam color tolerance across all wattages and IP ratings, the Signature Series delivers unrivaled consistency in color performance. 
  • Below BBL: An industry-first center point for all tolerances below the Black Body Locus (BBL) ensures matching downlight color points and maintains a high degree of consistency. 

This product will be available in 2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4100K, each offering 1, 3, 4.4, 5, and 6 W/ft options. Available for both dry (IP22) and damp (IP67) locations. 

Innovative Industry-Firsts:

Offering tunable lighting with 2 independent circuits through its 4 conductors, this series stands out in the market. Nova Flex takes pride in achieving a one-bin, 2-step MacAdam color tolerance across all wattages, IP ratings, and families, providing unparalleled color consistency. The full spectrum, ranging from 3200k to 5700k FS, not only caters to diverse applications but is also usable for horticulture and high-speed media production. Additionally, the Signature Series, with its 4oz substrate, demonstrates an industry-leading capability to produce the longest runs, based on a 5% light loss, without succumbing to voltage drop challenges. The center point below the Black Body Locus further distinguishes this series as a premium solution, underscoring Nova Flex’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting innovation. 

Craft Signature Spaces with Versatile Project Types:

The Signature Series caters to a diverse range of project types, including education, commercial spaces, residential areas, hospitality environments, retail establishments, and museums and exhibits. This product line is positioned as the preferred choice for architects and designers seeking unmatched lighting versatility and quality.