Nova Flex Joins Hands With Hossley Lighting & Power Solutions

Nova Flex + Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions

In an exciting development for the world of lighting solutions, Nova Flex LED proudly announces its strategic partnership with Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, each eager to illuminate the path ahead together. Nathan Shannon, Nova Flex’s Director of Sales Southern Region, expressed his enthusiasm for this transformative venture saying, “Nova Flex is excited to announce its partnership with Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions. Hossley’s focus on delivering the highest level of services and products aligns precisely with Nova Flex’s mantra, ‘We make lighting easy!’”

A Shared Commitment to Excellence

Both Nova Flex LED and Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions share a common goal in providing exceptional quality and service in the lighting industry. As a leader in the field, Nova Flex’s dedication to simplifying the lighting experience resonates with Hossley’s commitment to delivering the best in both products and service. This partnership is a testament to their joint pursuit of excellence.

Aligning Visions for Success

Nathan Shannon highlights the alignment of values between Nova Flex and Hossley: “Additionally, Hossley’s reputation as a leader in the specification and design community dovetails with Nova Flex’s investment in driving its brand, products, and services forward.” This integration is poised to create a dynamic force in the lighting sector, driving innovation and setting new standards for customer satisfaction.

A Vision for the Future

As Nova Flex and Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions embark on this journey together, Nathan Shannon expresses optimism about the prospects: “We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership!” This sentiment reflects the shared vision of sustained success, growth, and collaborative achievements between the two industry leaders, striding toward a brighter, more efficient future.

As Nova Flex and Hossley join forces, the future looks illuminated with possibilities. To learn more about Hossley Lighting, please visit their website: