On a Tight Deadline? Nova Flex is the Lighting Manufacturer that Meets Your Needs.

Quick Ship Program

The Nova Flex Quick Ship Program is the optimal solution for meeting any LED strip lighting need. We design and fabricate orders the day of receipt, delivering a solution that is ready to install and convenient for you*. Other lighting manufacturers will never match this level of service.

When same-day shipping isn’t essential, standard shipping takes four days or less. With 95% of orders delivered from our inventory, you can be confident that we’re the best lighting manufacturer for solving nearly any timing challenge you may encounter. Facing an emergency deadline? Our Quick Ship Program PDF below can point you towards a simple solution.

*All orders received after 10:00 A.M. in your time zone are processed the next business day.


We know that light matters—as does the way we enable our customers to work quickly and effectively regardless of project constraints. Our service to lighting professionals is the heartbeat of who we are. Nova Flex is the lighting manufacturer that takes the stress out of the specification process, making it easy to order and install high-value, high-performance lighting solutions for a wide spectrum of spaces rapidly using Quick Ship.

We sat down with Flex Support Manager Jerry Rustom to explore the details of the program. Continue reading to learn a bit more about how Quick Ship can solve your timing challenges.

What Makes the Nova Flex Quick Ship Program Special?

98% of our orders go out in just two days. That said, Quick Ship makes it so simple for our customers to handle emergencies that may arise with same-day shipping. Other manufacturers can’t promise the speed that Nova Flex can; their programs come with a variety of caveats. We deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll hit your deadline.

What Allows Nova Flex to Ship Same Day, Unlike Other Lighting Manufacturers?

We have a strong line of communication with the production staff. We’re continuing to make our processes faster and faster. In the past year, response times have dropped as low as two minutes—a key reason why we earned an 81 Net Promoter Score.

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How Do Hiring Practices Contribute to Such a Strong Customer Service Team?

A Wonderlic assessment determines whether our applicants are naturally suited to customer service. It takes patience and the ability to relate to others. Our service team consists of personable and friendly individuals who take pride in their work.

What Inventory Practices Enable Nova Flex to Stock Products for 95% of Orders?

We regularly inventory our products and track turn rates to ensure everything is stocked. We’re making a conscious decision to prioritize inventory so that very few products are ever on backorder, enabling same-day shipping to solve customer challenges.


Can You Explain the Simple Return and Replacement Policy?

As soon as we’ve verified that there is a quality error with the product (a rare occurrence) we immediately credit the customer. If a driver has been discontinued, we instruct them to field destroy it and send a replacement.

How Do You Personally Approach Customer Service?

We never compromise. It’s essential to keep the customer top of mind and maintain focus on our most important charters: providing custom quotes in 48 hours, shipping within four days or less, assuring quality at every checkpoint, and simplifying steps for installers. When an order leaves the building, we’re certain that every component is in the package properly labeled for the contractor. Other manufacturers face quality control issues that we have already overcome.

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