Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial LED Manufacturer

With so many LED lighting manufacturers to choose from, it’s important to determine who can be your trusted source for customized, commercial LED solutions. 

Our first recommendation is to consider buying from a lighting manufacturer that offers the products and services that meet your needs, as well as your customers’ needs. While this seems like a no-brainer, it is worth stating the obvious simply to create a moment of pause and identify your commercial LED needs. Product options, customization abilities, delivery timelines, and support are some of the important variables that will be unique to each manufacturer you consider. Before you start researching options it’s important to have your requirements identified to make sure your chosen commercial LED manufacturer can meet or exceed your expectations. Consider these questions:

#1: Who are their past clients, and are they happy and satisfied?

In your early research, check out their website and look for posted customer testimonials. This is a good starting point to see the level of satisfaction of past clients. While you’re on their website, see if they mention brands or client names they’ve worked with; some is better than none, and if there are recognizable brands noted, you can glean some insight about their reputation in the lighting industry. 

#2: What value do they provide?

How do they make your life easier in comparison to other LED manufacturers? Does it align with your needs? Do they follow-through on what they say? Ask these key questions or look at their website home page or About Us pages. See what they are most proud of by what they talk about first and most. Product quality, quality people, customization, and delivery time are common ways to provide value; so see which they prioritize and determine if that meets your Commercial LED Manufacturer requirements. 

#3: What certifications do they offer?

Once installed, lighting has to pass inspection. Your chosen supplier should have product and/or system certifications in place to build you a customized LED lighting solution that can pass inspection. Be sure to ask up front so you don’t get to inspection and have to hold your breath and cross your fingers wondering if you’ll pass.

#4: How long will it take to get your LED lighting solution?

Time is of the essence, always. If you are working toward a deadline, this is an essential question to have answered. But, even if you’re not moving at the speed of light, ask the question if only to level-set your expectations. While faster is generally better, especially in the commercial construction and architecture world, done well and on-time is best.

#5: What support do they provide?

Ask about the resources – product info, project support, installation guides, and technical assistance they provide to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. See if you can get clarification on what their support looks like. For example, will you have someone answer your call or will you reach an automated phone system and end up scouring their website for information?

Taking time to answer these few questions will help ensure you find a commercial LED manufacturer that will deliver quality commercial lighting solutions and exceptional service.