Unlocking the Potential of TWH: Tunable Lighting for Every Space

We’re thrilled to introduce TWH, the latest addition to our Signature Series. This innovative lighting solution allows you to change the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) without any loss in fixture output. This means you can adjust the lighting to suit different moods, times of day, and health needs, all while maintaining perfect brightness. Let’s explore how TWH can transform various spaces.


Creating the right atmosphere is key in hospitality. TWH makes it easy to shift lighting in hotel lobbies, reception areas, and restaurants to match the time of day or set the perfect mood. Event venues will also love how TWH’s adjustable CCT can enhance any occasion, making every event unique and memorable.

Healthcare & Wellness

Lighting plays a significant role in healthcare and wellness settings. TWH is a game-changer for clinics, hospitals, and daycare centers. Adjusting the CCT supports patients’ natural sleep cycles, promoting better sleep and overall well-being. The ability to control the lighting creates a soothing, healing environment that can really improve the quality of care.


Museums need precise lighting to protect and display exhibits properly. TWH is perfect for exhibit spaces that don’t require color-specific lighting and for lobby areas. By adjusting the CCT, museums can show artworks and artifacts in the best light, showcasing their natural beauty and enhancing the visitor experience.


High-end homes are always on the lookout for sophisticated lighting solutions. TWH offers a modern twist to the usual dim-to-warm lighting. Homeowners can adjust the lighting to match different activities and moods throughout the day, adding a touch of luxury and convenience to their living spaces.

Mixed-Use Buildings

Mixed-use buildings need cohesive lighting across various areas. TWH ensures that apartments, office spaces, and retail areas have a consistent and appealing lighting aesthetic. Our tunable lighting solution goes beyond basic dimming capabilities, maintaining uniform CCT and providing visually pleasing environments.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships, with their diverse activities and spaces, can greatly benefit from TWH. By creating a smooth transition of lighting from one part of the ship to another, TWH maintains the ship’s aesthetic flow while allowing each area to have its own unique ambiance. From dining areas to recreational spaces, TWH ensures a seamless lighting experience for all passengers.

Amusement Parks & Entertainment Venues

Amusement parks and entertainment venues rely heavily on indoor areas that require precise lighting conditions without the need for theatrical setups. TWH offers an ideal solution for these spaces by providing versatile and dynamic lighting that enriches the visitor experience. Whether it’s for a thrilling ride, an attraction, or a general indoor area, TWH ensures the lighting is perfectly tailored to enhance each unique setting.

TWH is the second product in our innovative Signature Series, and it’s all about versatility and high performance. Its ability to change CCT without losing output makes it a valuable addition to any space, from hospitality and healthcare to residential and entertainment venues. With TWH, you can create the perfect lighting for any environment, ensuring every space looks and feels its best. Discover the future of lighting with TWH, where adaptability and innovation are at the heart of every design.