Our QuickShip Brand Standard

How Nova Flex LED Customers Beat Supply Chain Issues—Always

If there were two words that best summarize the U.S. economy and state of business right now, they might be “logistical stressors.” Supply chain issues are running rampant and are affecting nearly every industry across the county. Project deadlines and budgets are hard hit, quality is compromised, and end consumers are feeling the pinch when reaching for their wallets. While Nova Flex LED isn’t immune to issues that affect most of our suppliers and competitors, we do have a strong defense against the most painful challenges—let us introduce you to our QuickShip program.

(Hint: It’s less of a program and more of a brand standard. Read on to learn why).

Built to Be Nimble

As our business grew, so did our awareness of the unique needs that agents and distributor partners have for custom LED lighting solutions. We learned what their clients need, what they expect, and the (many) nuances in the marketplace. It was important for us to consider how best to serve our customers in order for them to serve theirs. 

Even before there was a massive supply chain issue, we were quietly at work building our brand standard to include same-day shipping and a line of inventory primed to support a four-day shipping standard. We established rock-solid channel partners to ensure our materials and component needs would be met.

Nova Flex Led Quick Ship

What is QuickShip? 

The lighting industry is somewhat notorious for overpromising and underdelivering, and the state of affairs today has made that all the more evident. Our business model has always been based on a four-day or less shipping structure, but the messaging behind it has taken on a new sense of urgency and prominence. We understand that our agents and distributors have the right to be wary of anything with the word “quick” in it — but honestly? It’s our brand standard. We were built to create innovation, reliability in procurement, and the customer service to back it all up.

What You Get When You QuickShip

Our process is simple and straightforward, and it’s just that — a process. You will know each and every time what to expect when you engage with our brand. QuickShip works like this:

  • Submit a quote. Our quotes team is world-class and offers invaluable insight into your project’s scope and definitive details. You might not even be aware of some of the components involved in your project, but trust our team to ask about them.

  • In 48 hours, you’ll have a comprehensive quote regarding your LED lighting solution inquiry. This is handled by our design team, who creates a Take-Off, or a labeled drawing, that illustrates where your lighting will be placed. We utilize this layout for customization purposes, as it’s the rendering of measurements specific to your install.

  • Once you approve your quote, you create a P.O., which signals to us that it’s go time. The clock starts. Your project will leave our facility within four days from this point. During that time, your project passes through our production team, technical team, and the quality assurance team before it reaches its final destination at Nova Flex: the packaging team. Many hands make light work. 

  • Of course, you know your project better than anyone, and delivery dates might need to line up with your timeline on site. You’re able to customize your delivery date if receiving products within four days doesn’t fit your schedule. 

  • Last-minute changes? We know this industry can be famous for that. A simple call to our company or email will do, and we’ll follow up with a speedy confirmation.

The Nova Flex Difference

Nobody likes surprises in the lighting industry, so we developed proprietary forecasting software that grants our sales team an invaluable view of what we have at the ready in order to fulfill custom LED orders. We’re not in the business of shipping raw materials like reels or mass strips of lighting. It’s our philosophy that our customers should get lighting solutions that are built to spec, right from our facility, designed flawlessly, and packaged ready to install. 

Our packaging team goes beyond a typical order list; fulfillment at Nova Flex is more like package engineering. Our team devises a systemic approach to readying a client’s order to ensure that every detail, from LED channels and accessories to power supply and backup LED lights, is included. Each product in your order is labeled correspondingly to the project’s configuration guide. It’s straightforward and intuitive by design. 

We know on-time delivery can make all the difference in a project’s feasibility for inspection and deadlines. Once products arrive, all our clients have to do is sign, unseal, and deliver on their end of the project’s install. 

We’re sticklers for communication and meeting expectations. We throw the word “courtesy” in front of a call when our team reaches out to ensure quotes are perfect and orders have shipped. But we don’t consider this a courtesy — it’s just good business practice. We’ll send an accompanying email to our customers to solidify our commitment to deliver. 

You might have recently asked, Who is shipping LED lighting solutions and meeting lead times? You might have heard, “No one.” But think again.

The answer is Nova Flex.

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