Extruded Profiles


Housing for led linear lighting

multiple material options

versatile mounting options

Indoor and

Black, silver or white options available

Angled Channel seamlessly integrates into your architectural elements, offering a clean and refined look. With multiple mounting options, including surface, recessed, or corner installations, this channel effortlessly fits into any design scheme.

Designed for adaptability, Bendable Channel offers the flexibility to mold around architectural elements, creating a harmonious blend between light and structure.

Offering a clean, unobtrusive look that effortlessly enhances the overall ambiance. Say goodbye to visible channels and hello to uninterrupted, radiant light.

Its unobtrusive design lets the light take center stage, enhancing the overall ambiance without drawing attention to the channel itself.

Recessed Channel discreetly conceals itself within the architecture, allowing the focus to solely rest on the captivating glow it provides. Ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic without compromising on the impact of lighting.

Surface Channel adapts seamlessly to both residential and commercial settings. Whether used for accent lighting, task lighting, or creating an ambient glow, this channel brings versatile and effective illumination to any space.

Ideal for various applications, the Suspended Channel adapts effortlessly to both residential and commercial settings. Whether used for ambient lighting, task lighting, or as a decorative feature, this channel adds versatility and visual appeal to any space.

Universal Channel is crafted for adaptable versatility, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Whether it's accent lighting, task lighting, or ambient glow, this channel effortlessly accommodates your lighting needs.