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Real Life Customer Testimonials

Great products and you’re one of the few reps that seem to go out of your way. First order and the customer loved it so they ordered the same order all over again! Pro 240 – 4100K with channel.
Thanks for getting this recent order to me as fast as you did. After sitting down with the customer and explaining how to install it, he left here very satisfied and a smile on his face. Nova Flex is at the top of my list when it comes to product quality and customer service. You will be dealing with me more in the future. Thanks again for being an outstanding company to deal with!
Thank you! This was a new customer and a first time user. He and his customer were very satisfied with the ease of installation and the final product performance.
I was very impressed with the turn around and delivery time for a recent project. If I ever have another opportunity, I will not hesitate to use Nova Flex.
My customer was very happy with the Pro 60 Series ribbon they installed in their reading room soffit!
Problem solved. Thanks again man you guys rock over there.
It is a great pleasure doing business with you and your company. As you know, this industry can be extremely stressful but when you come across somebody like you, my job becomes much easier and so much less stressful and it is so very helpful in keeping our customers completely satisfied with the performance level we are accustomed to providing them.
Our rep does a great job with these quotes and orders. His customer service is excellent and he is a pleasure to work with…he takes care of any issues is a timely manner and always gets the problems solved. He is the reason I use your material even when our branch in Spokane is stocking a competitor’s line of under cabinet lighting.
Thank you Nova Flex for always being there when everyone wants products as quickly as possible. You have always been fantastic and a joy to work with. I wish all of our reps were like you guys!

Chilli Chongo