Tips to receiving a linear LED quote in 48 hours or less

Within the LED industry, it’s not uncommon to wait one or two weeks to receive a quote for LED lighting – but this timeline could cost you valuable time and money.

To combat delay issues, you need a trusted team that works efficiently and cooperatively to provide you with a quote in an accurate and timely manner. This is one of the many areas in which Nova Flex excels. Here’s everything you need to know to receive a complete LED quote in just 48 hours or less.


Application type

The application of your LED lighting is the most crucial piece of information in formulating an accurate quote. Is your project indoor or outdoor? Corporate or residential? A restaurant or hotel? This factor is critical and will guide the rest of the process.


Color temperature

Color temperature is also an essential aspect of the project. Whether you need a specific Kelvin temperature, a static color, or an adjustable temp, getting an early idea of the color temperature requirements for your next project can greatly speed up the quoting process.


Power supply requirements

The specifications of your power supplies are another key factor – particularly if you need dimming or non-dimming capabilities. Not sure which one to use for your next lighting project? Check out the Nova Flex guide: 


Choosing the right power supply for your LED system.


Channel and accessory needs

It should also be noted up front if your project requires an LED channel or any other accessories. From adapters and Y cables to clips and beyond, accessories are one of the biggest variables in a lighting project quote.


Get your quote from Nova Flex

Nova Flex’s quoting efficiency and uniquely tailored layout design is a true differentiator in the industry. When complete information is submitted up front, we are able to more quickly and accurately create a quote that will speed up your project from start to finish.


Nova Flex delivers fully customized LED solutions for commercial, residential, and national distributors nationwide. Contact us today or email [email protected] for a quote designed to turn your lighting challenges into glowing victories.