Illuminate with Versatility: Nova Flex Applications Unveiled

Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics of any space! In this blog, we explore exciting application ideas for Nova Flex’s Micro, Mini 2.0, Round, and Dim To Warm products, showcasing their adaptability in various settings.


Micro Neon

Unveiling Versatility in Small Spaces: the Micro Neon series proves that good things come in small packages and is ideal for intricate detailing in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Here are some application ideas:

• Outdoor + Indoor Toe Kick Details: Create subtle, yet impactful lighting effects for low level lighting along walkways and benches.

• Stairs: Illuminate staircases with precision, adding a touch of elegance and safety to both residential and commercial settings.

• Bar Millwork + Small Pocket Details: Jazz up bar areas and small pockets within a space with Micro’s compact design, offering seamless integration into millwork for a sophisticated ambiance.


Mini Neon 2.0

Curves, Glows, and Beyond: the Mini Neon 2.0 introduces a new dimension to curved applications, offering a versatile solution for damp or wet environments.

Here are some application ideas:

• Bar Die: Create a seamless glow of light along curved bar fronts without any worry of awkward shadows or hot spots.

• Curvilinear Accent Coves: Elevate the design of interior spaces with graceful curves, providing ambient lighting for even the tightest of cove details.

• Exterior Building Direct Linear Accents: Illuminate the exterior of buildings with Mini 2.0, showcasing architectural features and creating a welcoming façade.


Round Neon:

Embracing Classic Neon Aesthetics: the Round Neon series is designed to mimic classic neon, offering a nostalgic touch.

Here are some application ideas:

• Signage or Art Installations: Make a bold statement with Round by using it for signage or art installations, combining modern technology with a vintage aesthetic.

• Ceiling or Wall Mounted Decorative Lines: Enhance interior spaces by incorporating Round as architectural illuminated lines on ceilings or walls, for decorative elements or to provide proper illumination.

• Outlining Architecture (Outdoor): Illuminate outdoor spaces by outlining architectural features with direct view linear, creating a captivating visual impact during the night.


Dim To Warm

The Dim to Warm series is tailored for hospitality projects, offering dynamic tunable white lighting. The intuitive dimming capability allows for effortless customization. 

Here are some application ideas:

• Restaurant Atmosphere Enhancement: Mimic classic incandescent dimming by warming the color temperature as the lights dim down, shifting from casual lunches to intimate dinners.

• Hotel Lobbies and Reception Areas: Welcome guests with dynamic lighting in hotel lobbies and reception areas, adapting to different events and times of the day.

• Residential Spaces: Enhance comfort in residential spaces by adjusting the lighting to suit various activities and moods.


Nova Flex’s Micro, Mini 2.0, Round, and Dim to Warm Neon products showcase the company’s commitment to innovation and versatility in lighting solutions. From small spaces to expansive architectural designs, Nova Flex offers a range of options to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any environment.