Top 5 Things To Know When Buying Architectural-Grade LED Strip Lights

Maybe you already know a few things about the many applications that customized, architectural-grade LED strip lights and neon solutions from Nova Flex can offer. But let’s face it – things can get a little confusing! So, cue the drumroll and let’s run down the Top 5 things to consider when it comes to our selection of outstanding LED products.

Understanding Lumens vs. Watts

This one’s easy… and important because lumens and watts measure different things! Lumens are a measurement of brightness as perceived by the human eye while watts measure only the power consumed by the lighting product.

Watts don’t tell you how bright a lighting solution is, lumens do. LED lighting is so efficient and wattage-sipping, that it’s a good idea for you and your clients to think about lighting in terms of lumens from now on.

Different projects all have varied lighting needs from simple illumination all the way to a desired mood or branded color selection. In general, our advice is to go brighter (more lumens) and add an appropriate dimmer. After all, running LEDs below their full power and brightness can increase their lifespan!

The Meaning of “Value”

At Nova Flex, value means our customers enjoy the full advantage of top-quality LED lighting products that are prepped, shipped, and ready for installation, inspection and a long, beautifully efficient lifespan.

Before your order is shipped, we cut and solder everything to your project specifications. Your products arrive ready to install. Not only does this save your crew time and money, but it also preserves UL certification as there’s no cutting in the field with a Nova Flex order.

Go ahead. Bring on the toughest inspector. Nova Flex value means peace of mind with every order.


LED Neon vs. Traditional Neon

Traditional neon – a technology born in 1898 – consists of light fixtures made of fragile glass tubes infused with neon plus other gases and chemicals that create colored light when charged with high voltage electricity. That’s right, breakable and dangerous! What a combo.

LED neon, as you can imagine, is a safe, efficient, low-wattage and thoroughly modern bendable solution to create sculptural lighting limited only by your imagination. Nova Flex offers a variety of UL-certified dimensions, colors and run lengths, but we’re particularly proud of our Aqueous Neon Series.

Aqueous Neon from Nova Flex is certified to the highest standard – UL 676. That means it’s fully submersible and safe for use in swimming pools and other inhabitable bodies of water. From seamless lighting on bridges, pools and spas, marinas, aquariums and docks, Aqueous Neon takes your installation to the next level, safely.


LED Channels

Think of perfect pairs… Peanut butter and jelly. Kids and laughter. Pretzels and a delicious frosty beverage. We’d like to add LED strip lights and channels to the list, too.

LED channels are the key component to both offer protection and the ideal finished look to your LED ribbon installation. They allow for fixtures with more directed light, or softer, diffused light thanks to the different lens options Nova Flex offers. And our channels are tough. Suitable for outdoor use and exposure to ultraviolet light and water (UL 746C-compliant), every order includes mounting clips and end caps to achieve a precisely machined, finished look in no time.

All of our channels are available in an anodized aluminum finish, with other colors available as a special order. From wide beam coverage, to the trickiest cove ceiling feature, our incredible selection of channels has you covered. Contact us any time. We love the tough questions.


Power Supplies & Control Basics

Don’t worry. This isn’t going to be a course in electrical engineering. But let’s quickly go over the backbone to any LED lighting installation – Power supplies and controls.

Obviously, a power supply is an essential part of any LED installation and Nova Flex offers a wide range to suit specific installations. From constant voltage power supplies to drivers, for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as dimming and non-dimming applications, power supplies from Nova Flex are all 24VDC and UL-certified. Many include built-in junction boxes that make them simple to install and quick to pass inspection.

Since every project has its own unique power supply needs, we recommend you give us a call for our take on the best power supply products to use based on your LED lighting needs.

Naturally, once LED installations have power, they also need some form of control. Our LED controllers are the perfect finishing touch to your project. From elegant dimmers to controls of intensity and color, to handheld remote controls, to wireless solutions that allow app-based control from across the room, controllers from Nova Flex put you in the driver’s seat.


LED lighting is unmatched in its efficiency, long life and beauty. Done well, it’s truly breathtaking! But don’t forget that the right power and control options hold just as much importance to your project’s overall success.